Hannah Davis has finally changed her last name after marrying Derek Jeter.

Hannah Davis and Derek Jeter tied the knot in July. Hannah Davis, who is 26 years old, married Jeter after dating for three years. They had an on and off kind of a relationship. Derek is a retired Yankee Legend who is 42 years old.

Their marriage took place at the Meadowood resort, which is in Napa California. Their wedding was attended by less than 100 guests. Among the notable guests were Jeter’s parents (Dorothy and Charles) as well as his sister Sharlee.

Meanwhile, Hannah Davis has gone ahead and changed her name. She has taken Derek’s last name and she is now being referred to as Hannah Jeter. In fact, according to reports from TMZ, all her social media accounts are now under the name Hanna Jeter. “I got married,” she said. “I changed my name, like most people.” Actually, it is not only her social media accounts that have changed according to the supermodel but everywhere things have changed. “Everything has changed,” she added.

Hannah Davis has put an end to a list of Celebrities, who Jeter has dated. They include Jessica Alba, Mariah Carey, and Scarlett Johannson. Reports from New York Post claim that Jeter is hoping to start a family with Hannah Davis immediately. Indeed, one of the major reasons Jeter retired following the end of the 2014 season was to start a family and become a dad.

There you have it, don’t call her Hannah Davis anymore. She is now supermodel Hannah Jeter.

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Katy Perry Calls Hillary Clinton Her \”Hero\”

Katy Perry, the singer who recently won the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award, showed that she’s still very emotional about the Snowflake Ball days later, on her Instagram profile.

In fact, she published a picture with Hillary Clinton, the former democratic presidential candidate, as well as there being images from FansShare, who was the one to present the award to her. In a long post full of emotions she explained in detail what that encounter meant to her.

She looked back on her last visit to New York on the night of the election, when she felt extremely disappointed by the results, and said that a feeling of sadness crept over her when she saw Hillary at the Ball.

The singer went on to express her affection for her – she called Clinton her hero, an inspiration and a symbol of unity and coming together, regardless of where we come from or the color of our skin.

At the very end of the post she compared Hilary Clinton to a phoenix that will be reborn and come back even stronger. She also had a chance to say that next year she’ll be singing in a completely different way – that probably means her music will convey her “girl-power” message even better. In other words, she’ll “Rise” and “Roar”.

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There are millions of people around the world today who consider themselves to be some sort of a photographer and, with the amount of different ways you can capture an image these days, it is no surprise that so many people fancy themselves as a photographer.

When it comes to photography, different people like to specialise in different things and, while a lot of people love taking these fancy artistic pictures, we are much more focused of pictures of the stars. That is the stars of the entertainment industry and not the stars in the sky. We have been taking pictures of celebs for years now and have a huge collection for you to enjoy, as well as plenty of info on these stars.

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