Hannah Davis has finally changed her last name after marrying Derek Jeter.

Hannah Davis and Derek Jeter tied the knot in July. Hannah Davis, who is 26 years old, married Jeter after dating for three years. They had an on and off kind of a relationship. Derek is a retired Yankee Legend who is 42 years old.

Their marriage took place at the Meadowood resort, which is in Napa California. Their wedding was attended by less than 100 guests. Among the notable guests were Jeter’s parents (Dorothy and Charles) as well as his sister Sharlee.

Meanwhile, Hannah Davis has gone ahead and changed her name. She has taken Derek’s last name and she is now being referred to as Hannah Jeter. In fact, according to reports from TMZ, all her social media accounts are now under the name Hanna Jeter. “I got married,” she said. “I changed my name, like most people.” Actually, it is not only her social media accounts that have changed according to the supermodel but everywhere things have changed. “Everything has changed,” she added.

Hannah Davis has put an end to a list of Celebrities, who Jeter has dated. They include Jessica Alba, Mariah Carey, and Scarlett Johannson. Reports from New York Post claim that Jeter is hoping to start a family with Hannah Davis immediately. Indeed, one of the major reasons Jeter retired following the end of the 2014 season was to start a family and become a dad.

There you have it, don’t call her Hannah Davis anymore. She is now supermodel Hannah Jeter.

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